Prayers for Girls is deeply personal to me because it all started with a mom (me) who is passionate about pointing her girl to the Lord and praying His Word over and for her every single day.

Like most moms, I wrestle with nagging doubts, whispering insecurities, and raging hormones. My relationship with my daughter hasn’t always been easy. I’ve lost my cool far more often than I’ve maintained it and I’ve wished—a lot—there was a way to turn back time. But even with all my failures and inadequacies, one thing is and has always been true: I love this child! She is a precious gift from the Lord into her daddy’s and my life and not a day passes when I don’t look at her and wonder why God has given me the privilege of loving and knowing her.

Prayers for Girls is the result of sixteen years of parenting and the knowledge I will never be wise enough, gracious enough, or anything enough outside of Jesus to raise this girl into the world changer I believe God has created her to become.

I’m a mom … and I’m a girl. I’ve lived through my teenage years and I’m inching closer to surviving hers. I haven’t always been the pray-er I should be for this beautiful girl. But I refuse to let my past dictate the way I parent (and pray!) now.

And I'd love to have you join me ... every month I send out a Scripture-based calendar and so far almost 1500 other moms are using those calendars to pray for the girls they love.  When you subscribe, you will also receive other exclusive P4G resources as well as real mom prayer tips and other resources to encourage you. This little community is not quite six months old ... but God is doing some incredible things and I'm beyond excited you are joining us! Fill out the form below and then when you confirm your email, you'll get immediate access to the prayer calendars and all the other goodies including printables and the latest P4G resource, 4 Ways to Pray for Your Girl.

Thanks again, for your interest in Prayers for Girls.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can pray for you in any way.
Teri Lynne

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